WhatTheyThink.com Features Wide Format Summits

Last month, we welcomed Richard Romano of WhatTheyThink.com to the Wilmington, Mass. stop of the xpedx Wide Format Solutions Summits. We are grateful for his review, and I wanted to highlight a few insightful comments that will help our customers as they prepare to offer or expand wide format printing capabilities.

I enjoyed Richard’s reference to the Arthur C. Clarke quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Richard goes on to explain that the possibilities we displayed in Wilmington weren’t magic, of course, but the seemingly endless ideas for business growth and success may make it feel that way. At xpedx, we aren’t magicians, but we do offer the tools and guidance to help you expand your current offerings and realize your business goals.

Richard continues, “We’ve all seen wide-format printers – and most of us have seen cutting equipment – but how to grow a successful wide-format printing business often remains to be seen.” This is what the Wide Format Solutions Summits are all about. We display great brands in terms of both wide format printing equipment and substrates, but knowledge of how to implement a successful business strategy is just as important. At each Summit, we’re passing on that knowledge to help printers grow.

Thanks again to Richard Romano of WhatTheyThink.com for joining us in Wilmington. If you would like to attend a future Wide Format Solutions Summit, there is still plenty of time. Visit www.wideformatsummit.com for a complete list of upcoming events.

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