The Keys to Inkjet Printing Success

What should new adopters of inkjet production know about inkjet papers?

In the November issue of Quick Printing, writer Jeffrey Steele calls upon Garth Geist, xpedx Director of Sourcing, Paper, to help answer this question in an article titled, “A Guide to the Changing World of Inkjet Papers.” 

I was intrigued by Garth’s comment:

Whoever unlocks that secret balance at production speeds with the quality they’re seeking, and offers that at a more economical price point will tap into a bigger part of the market.”

Garth was speaking about paper manufacturers as they develop inkjet papers, but this quote holds an important message for inkjet printers as well.

Garth’s quote can be simplified into the three most common customer requirements: speed, quality and price. As Garth says in the article, inkjet printers can meet these demands by making sure they have optimized their operations by correctly matching the paper, ink and equipment.

This is where xpedx comes in. Printers can rely on our expertise to ensure they have what they need to be successful. We can provide both the equipment needed to get the job done, plus the industry knowledge that will help grow your business.

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