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How to Optimize Color and Workflow in Wide Format Printing

There are some basic functions in a print job that have been around a long time and will probably always stay with us, no matter how advanced the technology becomes. Color optimization and workflow management are two of those functions that have to be perfect on every job.

Take wide format printing jobs, for example. This is a growing $30 billion industry that’s creating huge new growth opportunities for print service providers to boost their customers’ marketing efforts. However, simply buying wide format printing equipment isn’t enough. Just as they would for offset and digital, printers need to consider how color management and workflow impact the look and cost of the final product.

Wide Format Color SpecificationsHow to Optimize Color and Workflow in Wide Format Printing

In an era where corporate colors are often just as important as company names, color consistency is paramount. The International Organization for Standardization recently introduced a new, digitally based color standard for wide format printing. However, if print service providers don’t calibrate their equipment to this standard, they could miss the color mark – costing them millions in lost business.

Managing Workflow

All print service providers are already concerned with workflow, and should be frequently revisiting questions such as whether their process is efficient and fast enough. Wide format printing, with new advanced RIP configuration settings to trigger specific tasks, is no different. As the market for wide format continues to grow, software improvements can help automate printing processes, including mark placement and cutting options. By ironing out the process, printers save their customers time and money.

xpedx Can Help

Many print shops don’t have this knowledge in house, but that’s okay. A trusted business partner like xpedx can help get you up-to-speed as you enter the wide format space. xpedx has Color Management Professionals and G7 Experts on staff to help calibrate your systems, and we have deep experience with new, automated workflow software. Visit for more information about our printing solutions.

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