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xpedx Helps Deliver Warm Cookies Straight Out of the Oven

Dereck Lewis knew his great grandmother’s cookies would be the focus of his new business, but he never imagined the delivery box would become just as famous. This is the story about how xpedx created a packaging solution to deliver warm cookies, and in the process helped a small business realize dramatic growth.

Armed with delicious recipes but a limited budget, Dereck started Thelma’s Treats in early 2012 to deliver homemade cookies around Des Moines, Iowa. The idea was to recreate those wonderful memories of making cookies with grandma and the taste of a warm, homemade cookie straight from the oven.

But how do you recreate that “fresh from the oven” concept when you are driving around town to deliver cookies? Dereck turned to local design agency Saturday Mfg., who created the idea of a box that looks like an oven. Together, they relied on xpedx to bring this idea to life.

The Oven that’s a Box

As you can see, our box features a front flap that opens like an oven door, so customers can pull their cookies out of the “oven” on trays – just like when they made cookies with grandma. The xpedx team, led by Joanne Isenhart and Matt Cato from our Kansas City, Kan., package design center, ensured that the box has the right strength and insulation, and that it would accept the printed design of the oven features. One of the trickiest steps was to get those trays just right. But the end result is packaging that protects the cookies while still having all the fun that a cookie box should.

The box gave Thelma’s Treats a personality. It has been known to bring smiles upon the delivery of warm cookies and milk. (Dereck now uses the Thelma’s Treats Facebook page to showcase happy customers receiving their special delivery). Many customers have reported that they’ve kept the boxes as toys for their children, and requests for the box (with and without the cookies) have come in from across the world.

Congratulations to Thelma’s Treats and Saturday Mfg. for working with xpedx to deliver homemade cookies – and smiles – fresh from the oven.

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