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Learn How to Reduce Product Shipping Damage

After all the work that goes into creating an excellent product, it can still be vulnerable in shipment. In fact, according to Lantech®, improper stretch wrapping of products in transit leads to $7 billion of damage each year in the U.S. That’s a huge loss for manufacturers.

Improper stretch wrapping can lead to:

  • Pallet loads that fall apart in a truck
  • Damaged products that are refused by the customer and returned
  • Extra labor and manufacturing costs to fill the order again.

However, proper stretch wrapping can prevent all of this. For large operations, proper loading can lead to major savings over the long term. 

At xpedx, we want to help more people understand how to reduce product shipping damage. We’re partnering with Lantech to co-sponsor the New England Chapter of the Institute of Packaging Professionals lunch event on June 5. Pat Lancaster, the co-founder of Lantech and inventor of stretch wrapping equipment, will talk about reducing shipping damage and boosting productivity with new packaging technology. We’re hosting the event at the xpedx Package Design and Engineeringâ„  Center in Wilmington, Mass., which is just north of Boston. It's one stop in the Lantech and xpedx Complete Package Tour, shown here, that's moving throughout the country this year.

If you’re in the New England area, I invite you to visit the IoPP registration page for this event and join us on June 5. And even if you can’t attend, you can visit to learn more about packaging solutions to keep your product safe all the way into your customers’ hands.

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