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How Customer Service Impacts the Purchasing Decision

As I was writing last month’s blog about the differences between steel and polyester strapping, I started thinking about some customers that xpedx has helped with their strapping needs. One customer in particular stands out, not because of the straps it uses, but more because its story is a great reminder of how much customer service can influence the purchase.

The customer is a lighting company that produces specialty fixtures that are shipped worldwide. The delicate nature of the glass products requires special corrugated shipping cartons strapped together with edge board protection every 10-12 inches. Unfortunately, the older machines the customer was using resulted in slower cycle time, frequent jams and considerable maintenance costs.

The company wanted to “test drive” some new packaging equipment options before purchasing, and so began comparing strapping machines.

The machine that xpedx recommended and delivered was a Polychem PC1000. The xpedx/Polychem approach was unique. After delivering the machine for testing and comparison, xpedx and Polychem sales and technical service representatives spent time on the floor with the customer to demonstrate the features, benefits and advantages of the PC1000. We walked them through the set-up, daily operations and the recommended cleaning and maintenance of the system.

When the week was over, the customer chose the Polychem system without hesitation. They were much more comfortable with the machine after a week of hands-on operation. They were also impressed with speeds up to 65 straps per minute, fewer jams and the idea of much lower maintenance costs – a significant upgrade over their old equipment. The transition to a new machine was made easier when the customer ordered their new polypropylene strapping from xpedx as well, giving us responsibility for the entire system, which in turn limits the number of vendors they deal with and reduces costs.

The reason I enjoy this story so much is because it showcases the diverse packaging solutions that xpedx offers to its customers. We have the equipment, of course, but we also feature packaging products (strapping, tape, boxes) and the technical knowledge to get your business running at peak performance.  We are truly with you every step of the way. 

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