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How Cleanliness Boosts Business

How do you define clean? For most, it may just mean free from dirt or stain. However, for a facility manager or business owner, the word clean carries a much stronger definition – one that impacts the physical and financial health of both employees and businesses.

Physical Health

A recent email newsletter from ISSA defined the value of clean in a rather interesting infographic (clickable, right) that detailed the days, money and business lost from unclean buildings. It’s staggering to quantify the financial impact that sick days can have on businesses.

It’s for this reason that xpedx launched the Healthy Buildings. Healthy People® initiative. By providing the products and expertise to truly make your building clean, we help keep your employees both healthy and productive.

Financial Health

While the health of employees is first and foremost, business owners also have to work toward the financial stability of their business. And any businessperson can tell you that the key to a successful business is satisfied customers. But what makes them happy?

As the ISSA infographic and independent xpedx studies confirm, the number one factor for customer satisfaction in restaurants and retail stores is cleanliness. Think about that from a business standpoint. Customers care more that your business is clean (particularly the restrooms) than they do about the quality of products you sell or the service they receive.

How Clean is Your Business?

So now that you’ve read more about this definition of clean, how does your business stack up? Does your definition of clean keep employees healthy and customers coming back? If you don’t know, contact xpedx today to learn how we can help protect the physical and financial health of your business.

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